This playlist is a starting point for anyone taking steps to decolonize their mind. These are resources that have helped me learn.
I urge and ask my fellow white students of decolonization not to process your thoughts and questions on the videos of people of color or indigenous people.

As people of the European Diaspora, still socially conditioned to be “white,” we are often not aware of our own ignorance and how it hurts those around us.
Please do your processing in spaces intentionally designed for white people to do anti-racism work. Consider yourself to be a person in a new culture without a translator: even things you may think are nice or okay to say may be harmful, so when in doubt save your thoughts for the appropriate time and place: in a space for white people to work on their perceptions of race and racism.

You are welcome to consider my instagram pages one of those places to comment or seek spaces to do this work. @witchwaytotheforest

Teachers of color who are holding some guided and intentional spaces for white people of the European diaspora to do anti-racism and de-colonization self-work who I have learned from include: Leesa Renée Hall, Layla F. Saad, Rachel Cargle and Kanyon CoyoteWoman Sayers-Roods. Please enroll in their classes and events, support and learn from their work and be respectful of their spaces.

“This is What Decolonization Looks Like” by Media For Justice

“Decolonization Is for Everyone” | Nikki Sanchez | TEDxSFU

“Pedagogy of the Decolonizing” | Quetzala Carson | TEDxUAlberta

“How to Be an Ally” #CreatorsForJustice by Evelyn From The Internets

“Kaila Story The Difference Between an Ally and an Accomplice” CCOnline

“Decoloniser” by Olivia U. Rutazibwa, TEDxFlanders

“Nihi! KIDS TALK about Decolonization”| KIDS TALK | Nihi!