7 Awesome Films on Women and Girls

films, women, girls, gendercide, feminism, sexism
Women around the world are still fighting for equal rights, freedom from sexual violence and representation. There are sparks of hope and a growing momentum of people and organizations who have recognized this injustice and are working to make a difference. These films capture some of the challenges of living as a female on this planet and offer solutions for a better future. Invite some lady friends and allies over, turn on Netflix and share a night of mind-blowing information and excellent film-making!

Girl Rising This poignant and powerful film documents the lives of real girls around the world who are denied education, forced to marry young or sold into slavery just because they were born female. 10×10 works all around the world to liberate, educate and empower girls and change their lives forever. Learn more here.

Miss Representation From an early age, we are all surrounded by images of women; sexualized images, airbrushed images, images of violence. How can we perceive women as equal when we are submerged in these media our entire lives? Miss Representation examines the representation of women and the key ways they affect gender politics today. Learn more here.

Dark Girls Race is an often over-looked aspect of beauty and women’s self-esteem. This documentary explores classism, racism and how society affects the body image of women of color solely based on the tone of their skin. Learn more here.

films, women, girls, gendercide, feminism, sexism

It’s a Girl This haunting documentary delves into “gendercide,” aka the killing of infant girls around the world, focusing on India and China. In many places, boys are still considered more valuable and more worthy of food and education. This out-of-sight, out-of-mind issue is a global crisis that demands our attention. Learn more here.

Lady Valor This film captures the life story of trans woman Kristen Beck, former Navy seal and American hero. With interviews from family and friends and Kristen herself, Kristen shares her experiences and a message of acceptance and courage. Learn more here.

Busting Out What is up with America’s obsession with breasts? From covering them to sexualizing them, augmenting them to fetishizing them. Frank and funny, startling and thought-provoking, this film examines why breast augmentations are so popular and how sexualizing them affect women’s happiness and health. Learn more here.

Women Aren’t Funny A cast of awesome comedians tackles that pervasive and annoying belief that women just aren’t funny. Sarah Silverman, Wanda Sikes, Joan Rivers, Chelsea Peretti and more feature in this glimpse into the sexism of the entertainment industry and beyond. Learn more here.

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