We know that white, Christian settlers originally came to America and stole land and resources, destroying the environment and eroding human rights. So what came before all that? Is there a belief system that pre-dates the settler mentality, that pre-dates recorded history even, which could be our guide through these troubling times? Is there a more ancient way of knowing to turn to?

These are the questions that inspired me to begin my personal journey into witchcraft and my own ancestral folk practices as a means of decolonizing my mind and spirit–and the effect that I have on the world as a white person. Part of this work is taking care of  a small, Northern California forest  through wildfire recovery and beyond.

My work is anti-white supremacist, anti-appropriation LGBTQIA+ inclusive, pro-immigrant and pro-refugee and pro-planet. I respect the right to indigenous sovereignty and ancestral land. I am striving for decolonization and making reparations is part of my practice.

Who am I?

I am a gender fluid witch of Celtic, English and Romansch ancestry living on the stolen ancestral home of Coast Miwok and Southern Pomo people. I am also a lifelong writer, wannabe-farmer and nascent land steward.

Understanding the privilege and access I hold and the desperate need for land and human justice set me on the path to care for this forest, grow things, and to write about the issues facing nature-based spiritual communities as they grow and change.  It’s my dream to be a part of helping the generations that follow develop a wonder and generosity for the natural world and respect for all people. You can find me on instagram @witchwaytotheforest to join in the conversation.

Special thanks go to the land, water and sky and the living beings and spirits that inhabit this precious, wild place with all respect.

Special thanks go to my partner whose emotional labor and marvelousness allow me to be functional and give me enough overflow to share with you all. I must thank her for offering so much, giving everything I create room and love to grow.

Special thanks go to my dad who has allowed us to try to rebuild after the wildfire and has encouraged us to keep the land as wild and clean as possible as the current landowner. Thank you.